Live information is being pushed to everyone all the time. Whether that be via notification data on smartphones, tablets or laptops, or when operating a vehicle. Data needs to be uninterrupted, sent securely and immediately to users to inform them about the vehicle they are driving. Notification data also provides feedback. Knowing the user has inputted the correct function or activated the right command within the vehicle. 

Full Data Catalog

Our data catalog on Airtable contains technical information specific to each data category, including its properties and their production availability.

What Is Vehicle Notifications Data?

Having a list of actions, knowing which actions are activated and the text informing users about the action are all part of Notifications data. Users need the ability to clear notifications too, as too much information listed at once can be overwhelming for users. Especially, if they have already completed that action.

Use Cases

A driver may switch on the climate control feature, notifications data is processed to display to users which temperature and fan speed the climate control has been set to. Users may switch to different entertainment sources in the vehicle, and knowing which radio station or device is connected is important to receive feedback.

Notification data can also be sent over the air using telematics devices. Fleet managers who centrally monitor a range of vehicles can receive notification data that a user has activated a command on a vehicle.