Modern vehicles are equipped with many different lights. Some are necessary for safety, others are just for entertainment or convenience. Lights Data combines all of the lighting on a vehicle and is needed to perform normal functions correctly. 

Full Data Catalog

Our data catalog on Airtable contains technical information specific to each data category, including its properties and their production availability.

What Is Lights Data?

High Mobility uses an array of light data points to determine the status of the vehicle. The emergency brake light, fog lights, front exterior, interior, parking light, reading lamps, rear exterior light and reverse light. Also interior data points such as the position of the rotary light switch, and the colour of the ambient lighting inside. 

Use Cases

When a vehicle door is open, the reading lamps may switch on. This indicates to fleet managers that drivers have the door open, or are using the reading lamp in the vehicle. 

Lights are important for safety and if a light is not functioning when it should (i.e. brake lights when pressing the brake), Lights Data is used to determine the fault in the lighting system.