RentalTracker Adds High Mobility's Live Vehicle Data Support

May 2, 2023
RentalTracker is a leading telematics device supplier, known for providing solutions to fleet operators for efficient management and tracking of vehicles. The prominent telematics device supplier now supports OEM live data by High Mobility, demonstrating their commitment to continuous innovation and staying at the forefront of the industry. This integration facilitates further optimisation of fleet management, paving the way for improved efficiency and safety.

"The collaboration between High Mobility and RentalTracker, a leading telematics device supplier, signifies an important step forward in optimizing how fleet operators utilize connected car data, enhancing efficiency, safety, and innovation for a more streamlined fleet management experience." - Risto Vahtra, CEO of High Mobility

Rental Tracker now supports in-vehicle data through its new product, "OEM Fleet Connect," in collaboration with High Mobility. Modern vehicles are now equipped with sophisticated connectivity features, which facilitate seamless data transmission without the need for any additional retrofitted hardware. This integration of technology not only simplifies communication processes but also promotes seamless interaction between various vehicular systems, presenting a significant step forward in automotive connectivity and data management.

These advancements in technology now empower the real-time retrieval of essential data items such as mileage, vehicle location, and fuel consumption tracking, enhancing the way vehicles can be monitored and managed. Rental Tracker's advanced Tracking Portal offers all data items compatible with multi-platforms, simple rights and access management, customized reporting, geofencing, and tailored notifications. 

The new product offers fleet managers advantages, such as:

  • Faster Onboarding - With Rental Tracker's OneClick upload, activating vehicles can be done remotely without the need for any additional installations.
  • GDPR Compliant Data Sharing - High Mobility's collaboration with over 15 brands allows for secure data sharing through a GDPR-compliant contractual framework.

In-vehicle telematics support will be available for most Mercedes-Benz, BMW vehicles as well as Stellantis brands starting from the 2015 production year. More brands and models will be announced later this year.

For older cars or specialized use cases, such as advanced immobilization, the leading telematics device supplier in Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg offers a broad portfolio of OBD dongles and wired trackers.

With the latest launch of Rental Tracker, connected car data provider High Mobility expands its ecosystem for fleet operators. Other offerings, for example, include mobility analytics systems, white-label insurance apps, and logbook services.

High Mobility

High Mobility is a vehicle data marketplace offering personalised data from various manufacturers through a single API and business interface. The company is a trusted technology partner enabling innovation-centred new mobility services in the sectors of enhanced insurance, fleet management, maintenance, EV charging, logbook, and claims service, that are rapidly scalable.

Press Contact:
High Mobility GmbH
Risto Vahtra
CEO, founder

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