Renault Group Fleet Announcement

February 9, 2023
We are pleased to announce that live fleet data for Renault Group vehicles is now available via High Mobility. High Mobility is an official data partner for Renault Group, whose vehicles have native connectivity for cars manufactured since late 2020. This includes popular models such as the Clio, Captur, Zoe, and Megane, with many more vehicles to come.

Through this collaboration, fleet operators can access connected car data without the need for any additional hardware such as OBD-II dongles. Instead, data is transmitted over the air using the SIM cards that are already built into the vehicles. This move fully digitalised fleet management and ensured secure handling of data.

Use Cases and Advantages

Renault Group connected car data supports all major fleet management use cases, making it a perfect fit for leasing, car subscription, and rental car companies. Our seamless API meets the unique needs of businesses, allowing them to make the most of the data available to them.

Monitor Trips and Vehicle Location

One of the key benefits of Renault Group fleet data via High Mobility is the ability to help monitor trips and vehicle locations in real-time. GPS tracking feature enables businesses to know exactly where their vehicles are at all times, providing a greater level of control and security. With odometer and trip information being transmitted every 5 seconds, businesses can track their vehicles with precision. This includes the distance travelled, the duration of the trip, average fuel and energy consumption, and more. This level of detail allows fleet operators to gain valuable insights into how their vehicles are being utilised, helping them to optimise their fleet and improve efficiency.

Optimise Fuel and Energy Consumption Costs

Renault Group fleet data via High Mobility can also help fleet operators optimise fuel and energy consumption costs. With the ability to track fuel levels as well as the state of charge, fleet operators can better understand their energy usage and make more informed decisions. This is particularly useful for companies that operate both electric and internal combustion engine vehicles, as the data can help them identify which type of vehicle is more suitable for specific tasks. The fleet data also allows companies to learn about typical charging behaviour, including which charging types are being used, further optimising energy consumption and reducing costs.

Proactively Manage Vehicle Health

Fleet data can help fleet operators proactively manage vehicle health. The data includes dashboard warning lights, alerting companies to issues such as braking system failure or low battery. This allows them to address potential problems before they become more serious, reducing downtime and saving money. Additionally, the data includes information about time and distance to maintenance, helping companies to schedule regular check-ups and preventative care. This can help to extend the lifespan of their vehicles and keep them running smoothly. The fleet data also includes advanced tire pressure and tire health information, allowing businesses to monitor the condition of their tires and take action when necessary.

Educate Drivers and Identify Risky Behaviour

Fleet operators can monitor acceleration behaviour, vehicle speed, as well as accessing detailed insights by using longitudinal, transverse acceleration and braking pressure. This data provides fleet operators with the tools necessary to accurately identify risky behaviours and educate drivers on the proper use of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). The detailed insights this data provides will help prevent accidents from occurring and improve safety on the road.

Image Credit: Renault Group Media Library

Technology and Resource Updates

  • Renault Group data is available through pull (e.g. REST API) and push approach via MQTT by High Mobility for near real-time and on-demand use cases.

  • Renault Group is now part of High-Mobility's GDPR-compliant, cross-brand contractual framework for fleet operators and third-party software providers.

  • Airtable references a full overview of all available data points.

  • Vehicle eligibility check API has been upgraded for automated compatibility checks for Renault cars.
  • Our guide specifies the fleet clearance process, general model and market eligibility and other technical details.

Talk to our experts to learn more about Renault Group data and how it can help your fleet optimisation.

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