Porsche Car Data Is Now Available Via The Auto API

We are delighted to announce that starting today live data from Porsche cars is available via the High Mobility platform and marketplace. The addition of Porsche to our platform is another milestone in a long-standing business relationship between Porsche and High Mobility.

Over the last 5 years, there has been a lively exchange between Porsche and High Mobility. This includes three open innovation competitions, for which High Mobility provided organisational support and technical infrastructure. 

With this in mind, we are happy that we can now offer Porsche data from an extensive catalog of 40 data points

Digital service providers and other 3rd parties can access all data points on our server via our standardised data protocol, the Auto API, and without the need of additional hardware. The Auto API is manufacturer-independent and allows the development of applications and services for multiple car brands.

To give you an overview, we have put together sample data packages for 5 use cases. Please note that these packages are not set in stone. Individual adjustments are possible, and you can also subscribe to the data points that are not included in these packages.

E-mobility charging

The e-mobility charging package includes battery level as well as estimated range. It is targeted at fleet and electric vehicle charging providers.

Pay-as-you-drive insurance (PAYD)

The pay-as-you-drive data package is for usage-based insurance offers. It includes the data point mileage. It enables insurers to calculate the individual fees for pay-as-you-drive contracts automatically and without manual interventions.

Enhanced insurance

The enhanced insurance data package is for more advanced usage-based insurance offers. It gives insurers extended insight into the state and condition of a vehicle. Besides mileage, insurers can access vehicle location, information on the next service, tire pressure, oil level indicator and fuel or battery level.


This data package includes mileage, location and ignition status. It enables the implementation of electronic logbooks for compliance and tax purposes.


The maintenance data package is for fleet and maintenance service providers. It gives insight into the state and condition of the vehicle including  mileage, vehicle location, information on the next service, tire pressure, oil level indicator and fuel or battery level.

Additional data points

Besides the data points that are part of the data packages, there are additional properties available, such as outside temperature, parking brake or the states of doors and windows. For an overview over all available data points please click here.

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