Mercedes-Benz Car Data Available Via Auto API

January 9, 2019
The first steps are done for Mercedes-Benz customers to take advantage of verified third party mobility services for their cars. Accessed through the Auto API — High Mobility’s standardised connected car API — car data will be made available to independent service providers.

The Neutral Server and Extended Vehicle

Working closely with High Mobility and other collaborators, Daimler is one of the first carmakers to implement the Extended Vehicle and Neutral Server concept. This concept was developed in order to provide a secure process for independent service providers — with the explicit consent of drivers — to access car data. High Mobility acts as a bridge between third party service providers and carmakers, providing comprehensive tools and testing environments for developers to work with car data. Plus, very unique to the industry, the platform offers developers an open registration process with transparent verification, pricing and conditions.

Driver Consent

Explicit customer consent is a key element of the Extended Vehicle concept. Mercedes-Benz drivers have total control over which third party provider they allow to access their vehicle data, and for what purpose. Transparency here is paramount. The customer must consent to access requests by third parties and are free to withdraw their consent at any time.

Enabled Use Cases

Accessed through High Mobility’s standardised car API and with the consent by the customer, third party service providers can use data from Mercedes-Benz vehicles for the following initial use cases:

PAYD Insurance
EV Charging