How it works

Your new source for car data

Forget dongles.

 Meet your new hassle-free data solution.


One standardised car data API.

You can tap into a vast connected car ecosystem via our technology – on a single cloud-based platform – through one API integration.


Just one data contract to sign.

We provide one standard data contract that is compliant with all the vehicle manufacturers supported on our platform.


Data on-demand.

Don't pay for what you don't need. With us the vehicle data is provided on-demand directly from the car manufacturers.
Connected cars are here

Cars are talking through us. Are you listening?

Open platform

Powerful, and fully self-serve.

Data takers can get a head start with some of our popular data bundles, or simply register and build their own perfect blend.
Growing data partner list

The hard work is done for you.

We interface directly with each manufacturer, build the data adapters into our abstraction layer and make sure you get the quality data feed your service deserves.
Transparent terms

Simple, digital checkout.

We don't send you papers to sign. Just review our platform and car data terms online, check the privacy policy and accept when submitting your data request.
Working with car data

Check out the latest tips and tricks.

Ready to go?

We got this. Let us help you take the next step and walk you through the platform.
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How the platform works

The modern way to launch data-driven mobility products

  • Build a prototype and test
  • Submit to get production-ready
  • Enable your customers
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Privacy by design
We provide un-doctored personalised car data that comes directly from the manufacturer back-end. Read about our security practices and strong encryption.
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Superb onboarding & support
Our expert team will get you up and running, plus the dedicated account managers will make sure you have all you need.
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Flexible billing
For most enterprise clients we offer a data credit model. This way, you can estimate the annual data cost up-front.

You'll be in good company.

Great manufacturers trust High Mobility to bring you the best data feed.