We Are Proud To Announce That 3 Winners Of The Porsche Data Cup 2021 Have Been Selected

July 23, 2021
Porsche Data Cup 2021, the 3rd digital developer competition hosted by Porsche and High Mobility, ended with a grand finale this Wednesday, July 21 at STARTUP AUTOBAHN powered by Plug and Play EXPO 10. We are excited to announce that the jury at Porsche has selected 3 winning teams.

Andy Grau and Christoph Acker of Porsche gave a brief introduction to the hows and whys of the competition. The goal of the Porsche Data Cup 2021 was to have one competition for a broad range of industries; in the words of Christoph Acker, 'one online competition that is relevant for everyone because it has the opportunity to connect their specific needs with car data.'

Kevin Valdek, CTO of High Mobility, presented the High Mobility Car Simulator, a sandbox for testing APIs in a simulated environment that served as the digital backbone for the Porsche Data Cup. The participating teams in the competition used it to simulate Porsche cars' various properties and test their ideas and products.

The Winners

The competitors in the Porsche Data Cup 2021 submitted products or product mockups from fields like Smart Home, Fintech & Insurance and (e)Mobility. The three winners were chosen from a larger selection of finalists, which were all remarkable submissions in their own right.

AutoLogg: logbook digitalisation

AutoLogg is an electronic logbook application that allows car owners to generate reports that they can use for their monthly or annual tax returns. Keeping an analogue logbook is tedious and prone to errors. Existing digital solutions use GPS data from smartphones or require additional hardware. AutoLogg offers the automatic and networked alternative concept: via a programming interface, the software communicates directly with the vehicle and tracks journeys in real time. Journeys can be declared as business or private trips and transferred to a tax-compliant logbook via an app. Drivers save themselves manual work and benefit from the accurate recording.

The jury pointed out how AutoLogg took a practical approach to use the Porsche data points to enrich their own business model. 

Swiss Re: evaluating claims in record time

The project Smart Claims by a team of developers from Swiss Re is a real-time damage assessment solution that in the event of a crash uses Porsche's sensor data to calculate the severity of the damage and predict costs. Using artificial intelligence, the damage assessment time can be reduced from several days to just a few minutes. The sensors installed in the vehicle can detect which parts are damaged already shortly after an accident and transmit this data directly to SwissRe’s systems. Via an app, the policyholder can upload photographs of the damage which can then be analysed by artificial intelligence within a few minutes. It detects whether the affected parts can be repaired or if they have to be replaced and, at the same time, determines the costs. Thanks to the vehicle’s connectivity, the previously paper-based and complicated process becomes simple and easy for the insurer and the customer. The vision of the Smart Claims team is 'to make the journey from crash to cost 100% automated'.

The jury at Porsche liked that the team focused on a real customer problem, and that it allows for different players to be brought together and to offer a premium service to Porsche customers. 

HDI: tailored insurance solutions

The project Porsche Car Insurance by a team of developers from HDI is a usage based car insurance solution, tailored to the customer. Drivers can decide individually from trip to trip which data they want to pass on to the insurance company and which they don't. The more insights drivers give, for example into ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) safety features data, the greater the potential discount they get. The aim of this product is that drivers can profit from usage based insurance schemes while not feeling over-monitored and still being able to enjoy their car.

Andy Grau explained their decision to nominate HDI with how flexible and individual their solution is, especially for Porsche customers.


We see a positive development from the submissions for the Porsche NEXT OI Competitions in 2018 and 2019 to the submissions for the Porsche Data Cup 2021. The participants not only developed interesting ideas, they also considered customer benefits and how to turn their products into actionable business models. We can't wait seeing what milestones the teams will achieve next!

Check the Porsche Newsroom for more information about the Porsche Data Cup results.

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