Toyota live vehicle data now available via High Mobility's Auto API

August 7, 2023
We are excited to announce that Toyota live fleet data can now be accessed via High Mobility's Auto API. This comes as part of a strategic partnership, with High Mobility becoming an official data partner for Toyota's connected car data. This partnership aims to provide better accessible real-time data and insights about Toyota vehicles.

Toyota, a brand renowned for its global presence and innovative approach, has taken a significant step forward with this collaboration. By partnering with High Mobility, Toyota is leveraging its reputation for innovation to provide real-time data to its customers. This move not only strengthens Toyota's position in the automotive industry but also enhances the user experience by providing valuable insights into vehicle usage.

The live data accessibility extends to Toyota cars that have been manufactured since late 2018, providing native connectivity for a wide range of vehicles. This includes many popular models such as the Yaris, RAV, and Corolla.

Use Cases

Toyota's first data offering includes three of the most sought-after data points: mileage, vehicle location, and fuel level. These data points have been chosen for their broad applicability and potential to improve the overall driving experience.

Mileage data can be used in a variety of ways. For instance, it can be used to validate mileage at the end of term leasing, automating the billing process for rental and car subscription offerings. It can also be used to track and optimise vehicle utilisation for carpooling, making the process more efficient and user-friendly.

Vehicle location is another valuable data point, particularly for delivery and logistics purposes. It allows for real-time tracking of vehicles, which can streamline operations and improve efficiency. Additionally, it can be used to automatically provision digital logbooks, distinguishing between business trips and private ones, thereby simplifying record-keeping and reporting.

Fuel level data can be used to identify cost-saving options and budget expected mobility costs based on actual and expected usage. This can help drivers better manage their expenses and plan their journeys more effectively. Furthermore, it can be used to automate sustainability reporting, contributing to environmental responsibility and transparency.

While these are the initial data points being offered, more data points and use cases will be available in the future. This ongoing commitment to innovation and customer service further solidifies Toyota's position as a leader in the automotive industry.

Image Credit: Toyota Media Library

Technology and Resources

Toyota data is now accessible through the pull mechanism, for example, using a REST API. However, a new platform enhancement developed by High Mobility allows fleet companies to subscribe to Toyota vehicle data through our widely-used MQTT API stream.

High Mobility internally checks for updates to Toyota vehicles on a regular basis. Whenever a change is detected, the update is pushed to the MQTT stream or, when configured, to an AWS S3 bucket.

This enables seamless scaling for high-volume fleet operators and fleet management software providers, accommodating thousands of cars.

The new integration has been successfully tested and validated by a major leasing company and two advanced fleet management software providers. These entities participated in a joint pilot phase organised by Toyota and High Mobility.

For more information you can talk to our experts or visit our documentation.

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