Tesla Vehicle Data Now Available via High Mobility

November 29, 2023
High Mobility now provides a fully integrated platform allowing developers and enterprises to tap into rich real-time Tesla vehicle telematics through our easy-to-use Auto API.

Taking Tesla's New Fleet API for a Test Drive: Our Hands-On Experience and Key Takeaways

Access to Tesla vehicle data has never been more attainable. Through High Mobility's developer-focused tools, any organisation can rapidly start constructing impactful solutions using huge streams of data direct from Tesla car fleets. 

Accurately track vehicle locations, status alerts, maintenance signals and usage patterns in your own customised dashboards and analytics. You can start building with live Tesla driving statistics, energy usage profiles, battery health indicators, efficiency metrics, predictive range forecasting, charging logs, and much more information. Our platform makes it simple and secure to leverage Tesla's immense vehicle datasets for custom analytics and applications.

The possibilities to enhance operations, insight, and innovation are electrifying!

With High Mobility handling all authentication requirements, you can now fully concentrate on rapidly delivering next-level services, apps, and products powered by Tesla connected car data.

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