Porsche Data Cup 2021: Instruction Sheet

April 27, 2021
The Porsche Data Cup 2021 is an opportunity for businesses to fast-track their product ideas and get their offering in front of real Porsche drivers.

First, here are instructions for the entire flow so you can find out the next step as quickly as possible:

  1. Apply for Porsche Data Cup
  2. Register account on High Mobility
  3. Access workspace
  4. Learn about the workspace
  5. How to submit a project for Porsche Data Cup
  6. Technical requirements (if any)

A bit more information

This year, for the Porsche Data Cup, we’re looking for companies or corporate teams with ideas for data-driven services in the following categories: Smart Home, Fintech & Insurance or (e)mobility. You can apply at the micro-site: https://www.porsche-data-cup.com, and fill out a short form with information about you and your proposed project.  All applications will be examined and participants will be selected. If a company or team is selected to participate, further instructions will be sent about how to proceed.

All selected companies will need to register on the High Mobility platform in order to take part in the competition.
After companies have registered on the platform, they will have access to the Porsche workspace. All companies selected to take part in the competition will be added to the competition event.
In the event workspace, you will find information about the competition, including a timeline highlighting important dates. You will also have access to simulators to test and develop your idea. Most importantly, you will see the projects section, where you will be able to submit your project and provide relevant information.
To submit your project to the event, you can use built-in projects feature. There is a section to provide additional details about the SDK, give a short description, add images, additional links, Github repositories, as well as any video links or a link to the presentation.
On the product submission page, there will be an additional form to fill out, where you should provide as detailed information about your product as you can - this will be also taken into consideration for final submission. Once all information is added, you will need to submit the project for a jury to review.
There are some limitations: to submit your project, you will need to add a link to a Youtube video showing how your app works. The High Mobility platform is supported by all major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge) but for the best possible experience, we recommend using Google Chrome.

For support please >> head to our Slack channel
or email >> porsche-data-cup@high-mobility.com

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