News Round-up!

March 30, 2020
We wanted to take a moment today to celebrate a recent piece of good news: our latest multi-million euro investment round. If you missed it, High Mobility announced earlier this month that the company has successfully secured a strategic multi-million euro investment to further its work transforming the mobility space and bringing together third-party applications with leading car makers. Leading the round was automobile heavyweight Deutsche Automobil Treuhand (DAT), while additional funding was also secured from the company’s current group of investors. The news was picked up by a wide range of media outlets both in Germany and internationally, each with their own unique take on the news.

You can find the full list of press coverage over on our press page, but for a glimpse of the media’s reaction to the news we’ve collected some key snippets for you below. “Berlin-based startup High Mobility fuels its car data platform with multi-million euro investment”

Besides outlining the main news of the announcement, Annie Musgrove at focused on what DAT Group is excited about gaining from their investment and collaboration with High Mobility, looking beyond a simple return on their money to the future of the relationship between the two companies. It isn’t just manufacturers who benefit from the startup’s API and developer ecosystem. Lead investor DAT will gain more than just a return on investment.

“By acquiring shares in High Mobility, we have secured access to a well-established development service that we would otherwise have had to provide ourselves anyway,” said Dr. Thilo Wagner, Director of Products at DAT.”  “

Telematics News: High Mobility receives ‘multi-million’ investment from DAT group

Telematics News reiterated the strength of the High Mobility platform in its coverage of the news and highlighted the praise the company has received from DAT about the adaptive provision of telematics data for differing business models, noting its correlation with DAT’s own mandate.

“DAT commented on how their own work had assisted in the consolidation of different data formats from a range of manufacturers into a ‘uniform, readable format’ – working in a similar fashion to High Mobility’s API.”

Silicon Canals: German car data platform High Mobility raises multi-million euro financial round from DAT

As well as reporting the funding news, the editorial team at Silicon Canals gave readers a brief rundown of what High Mobility has to offer developers and car makers, focusing on the bridge the platform is building between these two ecosystems that are becoming increasingly interdependent.

“In simple terms, the company aims to provide a crucial link between the global developer community and major car manufacturers worldwide who are seeking to find and maintain a strong footing in the digital sphere. Currently, the German startup has over 7,000 registered developers from over 50 different countries and has partnered with numerous leading car manufacturers.”

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