New Events Feature Introduced To Car Simulators

May 14, 2020
Today we have introduced a new section to our car emulators: Events. As part of the latest update to our platform the Events feature now appears in all car emulators below the “Historical Data” feature and will include the first two event types: Accident Call and Emergency Call. They are both safety-related push notifications, which indicate that a predefined event has occurred.

What makes Events different from other data points?

An event is a new type of smart data point where a car has already analysed its sensor data using an algorithm and sends the result rather than the raw data. Events are sent as push notifications, and make it easier to incorporate more sophisticated logic into an application.

For instance, rather than polling the car for data and building complex functions to calculate speeds and accelerations in the hope of determining if anything out of the ordinary happened, an application can receive a simple push notification and be informed that the car has detected an accident.

What’s the difference between an Accident Call and an Emergency Call?

Accident Call – indicates minor impacts: For instance, a car senses an impact with the airbag sensors and parking sensors, but its airbags do not deploy. The car may ask the driver if they would like to make an Accident Call.  If the driver selects Yes, the Accident Call event is pushed to the application.

Emergency Call – indicates a major accident with airbag deployment: A car’s accelerometers, rollover sensors, and yaw-rate sensors indicate that a major accident has occurred and the airbags deploy.  When the airbags deploy, an Emergency Call event is automatically pushed to the application.

Adding these new smart data points to an application is as simple as configuring webhooks and selecting the event alerts you would like the application to receive. We think that events will play an important role in the future of car data.