Mercedes-Benz Fleet Data Available Via The Auto API

October 27, 2020
In collaboration with Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services, we’re pleased to announce the launch of a car data interface for Mercedes-Benz Fleets. From today, Mercedes-Benz Fleet car data is available via the Auto API in addition to the existing personal vehicle data which has been available to third party consumers since January 2019.

The Auto API

The Auto API is High Mobility’s standardised protocol that works cross-manufacturer. The new data interface includes a large set of use cases, including Maintenance, Enhanced Insurance, Logbook, EV Charging and Fleet Location Tracking, while tracking and fleet data can be purchased directly by third party fleet owners.

The new interface ensures that fleet owners retain total control over their fleets and make all decisions concerning which data their vehicles share. High Mobility provides a clearance flow for fleet owners to activate data access to their own fleet.

Available use cases

Enhanced Insurance
EV Charging
Fleet Location Tracking

Which vehicles are eligible?

You’ll find a list of all eligible vehicles on this page.

Which data points are available?

This link will take you to an Airtable where you’ll find a list of all the available data points. As data points are added, this list will be updated automatically.