It’s a wrap! Porsche Data Cup ‘22

May 6, 2022
Porsche Data Cup ‘22, 4th digital developer competition hosted by Porsche and High Mobility ended with a grand finale on Thursday, 21st of April.

This time around we welcomed companies based in the US to present their product ideas for real-life services that benefit Porsche drivers. Over the course of 5 weeks they had the chance to work with the in-browser car simulator to test out their services in a realistic environment. To be eligible for the prize, the participants were required to fill out some background information about their project in a dedicated competition workspace.

From all submitted projects, top finalists were selected based on their submission who were invited to pitch their idea in a dedicated event in front of Porsche Management and experts from High Mobility, giving the jury to provide feedback to the participating teams and ask extra questions.

Porsche Connected Car Competition

The Winners

The winners were selected based on their overall project idea and the potential it will have, contributed submission within the competition workspace as well as their performance in the Pitch Day event. The three winning teams will get three months of access to Porsche vehicle data.

Adapt Mobility

Adapt is dedicated to helping the transportation industry to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. The company developed an app concept that would enhance the Porsche Impact initiative. Currently customers have to remember and record their miles manually. The Adapt app will automate this process. The app will connect directly to a Porsche vehicle and calculates the carbon emissions of each trip and offer other incentives to customers to limit their carbon footprint.


Kimoby is a web-based Business Instant Messaging platform, working with more than 12,000 automotive retailers in North America. It currently accesses vehicle system data using OBD-II (On-Board Diagnostic II) devices. Those devices are hard to store, expensive and challenging to maintain. Therefore, Kimoby is trying to transition to OTA (Over-the-air) systems in hopes of improving the customer and retailer experience.  For example, this technology will allow dealerships to have a better sense of the status of its own fleet and ensure cars are available when customers need them.

Ravity, Inc

Ravity is developing a connected vehicle data platform that will enable car companies to bring innovative and unique connected products to the consumer. One product is a “coaching engine” that gives hybrid owners a “driving score” after each trip to help them better understand what actions they are taking that impacts fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

Porsche Data Cup ‘22 was a great opportunity for start-ups to strengthen their skills working with connected car data. It also allowed Porsche and High Mobility to get closer to promising talents in the field pushing the boundaries of what live car data can achieve, battle testing available protocols and tools to further nurture the ecosystem.

We are eagerly looking forward to working with the winning teams to innovate and unlock the full potentials of vehicle data!

Porsche Cars North America announces Porsche Data Cup winners

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