Introducing Production Mode

April 29, 2019
Today we are launching a new section of the High Mobility platform: Production Mode. Put simply you are now able to submit your app for review in order to access data from carmakers who are already connected to the platform. Production Mode is separate from Develop Mode, an environment where you can still safely focus on prototyping your applications with the help of our SDKs and car simulators.

The Differences Between Develop and Production

Develop Mode features around 300+ data points for the Auto API, all of which can be used in prototypes and tested with the car simulators. The main difference, therefore, between Develop Mode and Production Mode is that in Develop Mode the simulators are used as a source of data, and in Production Mode the developer is given access to real vehicles on the road.

Of course, for access to real vehicles on the road the application must first be verified by the High Mobility team and is pre-enabled only with carmakers that High Mobility has onboard. It should also be noted that not all data points available in Develop Mode can be used in Production Mode. The scope of the Auto API in Production Mode gradually grows but is highly dependent on the carmakers themselves. However, once you have integrated with the Auto API every new carmaker integration that we do automatically works for you too.

Using the Production Mode

The submission process in the Production Mode is quite simple. In principle, the developer is asked to fill in a short application and we will inform them of the car data terms that apply. Upon approval we’ll provide the new credentials that point the developer app toward the production servers.