High Mobility welcomes the partnership with ViveLaCar

August 24, 2022
High Mobility welcomes the partnership with ViveLaCar - a telematics-based car subscription service. Using High Mobility’s advanced API and vehicle data, we are at the forefront of secure data transfer, allowing custom apps to be developed. In this instance, ViveLaCar can utilize our wide range of data points for their vehicles. Our unique partnership with brands enables a mass of vehicles to be onboarded to their platform.

How High Mobility is working with ViveLaCar

With an all-in-one solution, ViveLaCar aims to keep things simple in one monthly payment for your next car subscription. Each customer gets to choose the make and model, with a clear monthly price and in a few simple steps can receive and drive away in a new vehicle. Included in the price are maintenance, spare parts, warranty repairs, road tax, insurance and breakdown assistance. All a customer needs to do is top up fuel and away they go. With the option to change up a car much more often than a traditional lease.

The car subscription service uses the latest in connected car technology. High Mobility has an advanced API to automate the process for ViveLaCar and is an integral part of their operations. By remotely changing car ownership and keeping track of mileage and usage data, ViveLaCar can efficiently operate and reduce costs. 

Without human interaction, a user can switch cars, be billed, and have location tracked during their ownership. In future, the vehicle's health can be constantly monitored to prevent maintenance, scheduled servicing and booked in to replace components that are wearing out. All automated, in the background without the user being alerted.

ViveLaCar and High Mobility integration

How Data Points were transformed into Features

Current and future use-cases:

  • ViveLaCar digitizes and automates the process by making use of connected cars.
  • ViveLaCar uses the GDPR-compliant contractual framework and connected car data points including odometer and vehicle location.
  • While every car manufacturer comes with its own format, structure and technology to provide connected car data. High Mobility gives simple and straightforward access by translating all the different formats into a single unified interface.
  • Vehicles can be on- and offboarded easily because High Mobility connected car API does not require retrofitted hardware such as OBD-II dongles.
  • ViveLaCar started the connected car solution with Junge Sterne cooperation and more brands are now added.
  • The mileage data points are used in order to automate billing processes and in order to provide more transparency for drivers in regard to car usage.
  • Vehicle location is used for theft prevention: 
    - Exact geolocation is not consistently inspected by ViveLaCar.
    - Geofencing technology enables ViveLaCar to receive notifications as soon as the vehicle leaves the geographical operating area of ViveLaCar.

High Mobility are relishing the opportunity to work with an advanced car subscription company. ViveLaCar are paving the way for new innovative ways of operating and the CTO quoted:

"There are many new opportunities in the mobility space for businesses focused on achieving the best possible user experience — and  ViveLaCar is a prime example. We are delighted to have launched this collaboration, and by doing our part by providing a single digital interface for connected car data from their vehicles. Ultimately, as we are building on top of technology that is embedded into almost every new vehicle, ViveLaCar customers benefit from a completely hassle-free setup when getting their car."  Kevin Valdek, CTO, High Mobility.

Outlook on Future Collaboration

An ever-increasing number of data points will help focus ViveLaCar on the driving experience and not on the car administration. Data points related to vehicle health including days/kilometres to the next service, dashboard warning lights and trouble codes are to be used in conjunction with location data to remotely manage a fleet from a central operation. By taking new data points into account, an increase in driver satisfaction is possible and remarketing opportunities are improved too.

High Mobility is delighted to onboard a new partner in the fleet management space. ViveLaCar is showing what’s possible already today using connected car data. With the increasing need for data monitoring and secure handling, it is important to collaborate with the right organisation that can guarantee the safe handling of vehicle data.

High Mobility

High Mobility is a vehicle data marketplace offering personalised data from various manufacturers through a single API and business interface. The company is a trusted technology partner enabling innovation-centred new mobility services in the sectors of enhanced insurance, fleet management, maintenance, EV charging, logbook, and claims service, that are rapidly scalable.

Press Contact:
High Mobility GmbH
Risto Vahtra
CEO, founder

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