High Mobility Invites Development Teams To The Porsche Data Cup

May 12, 2021
High Mobility is happy to announce the Porsche Data Cup 2021, a cooperation of Porsche AG and High-Mobility GmbH. The aim of this digital innovation competition is to develop and launch personalized connected car services.

Modern cars are increasingly equipped with sensors and on-board computers. As a result, they are becoming an environment for digital applications and services – and thus for software development. The Porsche Data Cup 2021 is an opportunity for companies to quickly develop ideas for mobility and connected car services into products and then offer them to real Porsche drivers. It is already the third open innovation competition organized by Porsche and High Mobility.

Innovators and development teams from companies in the areas of B2B2C technologies for smart home, fintech and insurance services as well as e-mobility applications are invited. The competition starts on May 17, 2021. Registration is already open and remains open during the entire implementation phase until June 25.

The Porsche Data Cup will officially start on May 18 with a live webinar. High Mobility CTO Kevin Valdek and Andy Grau of Porsche AG will welcome the selected participants to the competition. Furthermore, Kevin Valdek will give an introduction the Porsche Car Emulator, a real-time simulator of 140 vehicle data endpoints. The Porsche Car Emulator will enable the participants in the competition to test their ideas under realistic conditions and to quickly develop them into new products and services.

The High Mobility car simulator is a virtual in-browser car, that allows testing your products and services in a realistic environment.

The winning team of the Porsche Data Cup will be given the opportunity to present Startup Autobahn's EXPO Day 10. Startup Autobahn is the largest open innovation platform in Europe for cooperation between corporates and technology start-ups. The presentation will be on July 21.

Additionally, the winner will get 6 months of free live car data and enjoy a supported launch on the High Mobility data platform and marketplace.

To join the Porsche Data Cup 2021, apply with a team and product idea under www.porsche-data-cup.com.

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