High Mobility And Motion-S Partner To Accelerate Car Data Powered Digital Insurance, Fleet Management, And Dealership After Sales With Premium Personalised Car Data – On Demand

March 19, 2021
‍Motion-S aims to enhance its data-powered services for the digital car insurance and after sales sector by incorporating data from High Mobility’s telematics platform, which can be used to access data from more than 11 million cars on the streets of Europe.

Berlin & Mondorf-les-Bains, 2021 - Leading car data provider High Mobility and predictive analytics company Motion-S start a pilot to enhance insurers, fleet operators, and telematics service providers, as well as the automotive industry with near-real-time telematics-powered insights that are smart and actionable. High Mobility provides more than 350 production data points, without any external hardware, and with data update rates as fast as once per second. Motion-S uses this new data—which comes directly from the connected cars—to improve communication between dealers and car owners and offer new insurance products.

“With our telematics and data analytics platform, key players can profit from many opportunities: staying ahead of the competition, optimizing fleet compositions, taking the first step into insurance telematics or predictive maintenance, knowing more about mobility needs and lifestyle behavior, and having a constant positive communication channel with its customers.” —Dr.-Ing. German Castignani, CEO at Motion-S

Finding the smoothest path to the most data

Loaded with on-board computers, modern cars know more about themselves than their owners do. High Mobility’s Auto API makes this data easily accessible across multiple car manufacturer brands and models via a streamlined and uniform process, and keeps private vehicle owner and fleet owner consent transparent and simple. Until recently, enterprises who wanted to incorporate vehicle data in their business modes were beholden to physical hardware dongles which had to be manually plugged into each car and then removed again when the car was removed from the platform.

Spring Pilot

This spring, Motion-S is integrating fleet car data from multiple car manufacturers via a single integration with the High Mobility platform, in order to formulate new use cases and streamline existing business models. Focal points of the pilot include using telematics data as a new source for enhanced insurance products, as well as supporting car dealers and importers with pre-sales, maintenance and after-sales services, and supporting the shift from internal combustion engines to e-Mobility. Motion-S will integrate High Mobility’s data API into its mobility analytics platform and will implement new services for its customers in the mobility ecosystem.

“We are happy to kickstart this partnership with a fleet pilot program to learn quickly and help the market optimise available solutions with our easy-to-implement and rapidly scalable Auto API-powered data stream, running on technology that’s already built into every connected car.” – Kevin Valdek, CTO High Mobility

About Motion-S

Motion-S is empowering its clients to design and implement new data-driven products and services in smart mobility, insurance, and the automotive industry by collecting, augmenting, analysing, and profiling vast amounts of data from moving vehicles and individuals.

The company is a leading data-driven behaviour analytics solution provider in the mobility ecosystem and a trusted partner for companies from multiple industries and provides them with the most advanced, accurate, and customised solution on the market – giving them a head start in telematics.

The Motion-S mobility analytics platform transforms raw location and car data from smartphones, simple trackers, databases, or car data platforms into actionable insights – providing a deep understanding of individual mobility patterns. Predictive analytics in terms of risk, car health, and eco-efficiency allows fleet managers, insurers, OEMs, smart mobility operators, public authorities, and transportation providers to optimise their offer and improve their value propositions.

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High Mobility

High Mobility is a vehicle data marketplace offering personalised data from various manufacturers through a single API and business interface. The company is a trusted technology partner enabling innovation-centred new mobility services in the sectors of enhanced insurance, fleet management, maintenance, EV charging, logbook, and claims service, that are rapidly scalable.

Press Contact:
High Mobility GmbH
Risto Vahtra
CEO, founder

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