High Mobility and IMS Partner to Unlock the Power of Connected Vehicles for Insurers

October 17, 2023

IMS (Insurance & Mobility Solutions), the leading global vehicle and driving data business has partnered with with High Mobility, a prominent automotive OEM data provider. This collaboration will allow the companies to combine OEM data from High Mobility with the app-based driver data that IMS specializes in.

By bringing together these two complementary data sources, the partnership aims to provide insurers and mobility service providers with a more comprehensive view of driver behavior and risk profiles. The partnership underscores the growing importance of connected car data in the insurance and automotive industries as they seek to better understand driving patterns, offer usage-based insurance pricing, and develop next-generation mobility services. 

This partnership arrives amid growing interest among UK and European insurers in manufacturer-embedded telematics data. Insurers are especially keen to see how combining OEM data points with existing data from aftermarket sources like smartphone sensors can enhance risk assessment and claims analysis capabilities. For example, monitoring ADAS feature usage could provide greater context around smartphone distraction behaviors. Blending data from OEM and smartphone sources may open up transformative possibilities.

There are concerns about improper use of collision avoidance systems in vehicles. This points to the need for more visibility - something OEM data could potentially deliver by illuminating such high-risk driving trends. This would enable insurers to incorporate meaningful new factors into usage-based insurance pricing models.

The telematics space expects OEM data to take on an increasingly vital role moving forward. This partnership exemplifies the growing acknowledgment of its untapped potential to provide insurers with fresh visibility into emerging driver risk patterns. Unlocking that potential is the focus of this new collaboration.

High Mobility

High Mobility is a vehicle data marketplace offering personalised data from various manufacturers through a single API and business interface. The company is a trusted technology partner enabling innovation-centred new mobility services in the sectors of enhanced insurance, fleet management, maintenance, EV charging, logbook, and claims service, that are rapidly scalable.

Press Contact:
High Mobility GmbH
Risto Vahtra
CEO, founder

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