Ford Fleet Announcement

September 28, 2022
Our latest data collaboration is with Ford, a major OEM that revolutionized the industry. When Henry Ford introduced the production line almost 110 years ago, we were unaware of how advanced the industry would be today. Now High Mobility are at the forefront of innovative technologies that, subject to customer consent, help with remotely accessing Ford vehicle data.

High Mobility hereby announces the availability of Ford vehicle data for fleet management purposes in Europe. This latest collaboration gives fleet operators access to connected car data without the need to install additional hardware such as OBD-II dongles. It takes fleet management fully into the digital world with secure data handling over the air, using in-built sim cards and sending data to our central servers. This enables vehicle data access anywhere with an internet connection.

Headquartered in Michigan, Ford Motor Company designs, manufactures, markets and services connected, increasingly electrified passenger and commercial vehicles. Ford is one of Europe’s largest vehicle brands and sold 878,648 vehicles in fiscal year 20211. This is why High Mobility is delighted to onboard the renowned carmaker onto our advanced API, serving fleet management organisations across the European Economic Region.

Advantages of Ford Fleet Management with High Mobility:

  • Each Ford vehicle’s health is monitored from a remote location. Removing the need for manual processes such as entering the current odometer value and checking service schedules.
  • High Mobility’s advanced API with Ford Vehicles enables innovative solutions to be created for optimising costs and managing servicing.
  • Our partnership with other major brands allows one solution for all vehicles in an organisation's fleet. With a streamlined operation, users can access vehicle data quickly and easily.
  • Ford vehicles are popular in the rental and fleet space, opening up a wider market allows for more partnerships with fleets that need to remotely monitor Ford vehicles.

70 or more data points are accessible using High Mobility’s Auto API, including:

  • Odometer 
  • Dashboard Warning Lights (e.g. diesel particulate filter warning)
  • Fuel consumption for monitoring mobility budgets
  • Vehicle health parameters (such as tire pressures and engine oil lifetime)
  • Vehicle location and usage (e.g. idle fuel consumption) 
  • Crash status
  • And much more ... .

Ford Data by High Mobility
Image Credit: Ford Europe GmbH

How High Mobility Collaborates with Ford

Ford data will be part of High Mobility’s unified fleet contract: one single contract accompanying one single API to access connected car data. High Mobility data handling processes include GDPR, ISO27001 and High Mobility has a close collaboration with TISAX, which partner with the German automotive industry.

Which Ford Vehicles are Available?

Ford data is available for all their popular models, including Ford Fiesta, Focus, Mach-E, Kuga, Puma, Transit and Transit Connect. This means a partnership with High Mobility is ideal for contractor organisations and the construction industry - which the Transit is such an integral part of. See the full overview of compatible Ford Vehicles here.

Check out our airtable for our full list of brands and data points that are available for fleet management purposes and start your journey with High Mobility today.

1 Ford sold 878,648 vehicles YTD December 21 source -

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