Latest Fleet GPS Tracking Technology

February 14, 2024
In today's fast-paced world, fleet management has become a critical component of operational efficiency and sustainability for businesses of all sizes. Recognizing the challenges and complexities involved, we have dedicated ourselves to revolutionising fleet GPS tracking data through our advanced connected car data platform. Our focus is on providing seamless integration and real-time access to vehicle data, enabling fleet managers to make informed decisions and optimise their fleet operations effectively.

We stream real-time data on mileage and location, offering fleet managers an unprecedented level of accuracy and efficiency in monitoring their vehicles. This capability is crucial for optimising fleet operations, including routing, scheduling, maintenance, and compliance. By predicting maintenance needs and alerting managers to potential faults and errors, we play a pivotal role in transitioning businesses towards more sustainable, future-proof mobility solutions​​.

High Mobility handles the complexity of interfacing with different vehicle makes, models and model years. Our Auto API abstract away vehicle-specific protocols and data formats. This means developers can focus on building value-added fleet management applications, rather than dealing with automotive firmware and communication protocols. Our connected car API allows businesses to connect vehicles from a variety of brands using a single access point. This delivers real-time data in a standardised format, eliminating the need for extensive integration and maintenance efforts. Our solution is designed to save months of integration time and reduce ongoing maintenance costs, thereby streamlining fleet management operations and enhancing operational efficiency​​.

We take care of scalability challenges as your tracked fleet grows. Our cloud-based services easily handle data aggregation from thousands of vehicles. At the same time, we emphasise data security to prevent unauthorised access to sensitive commercial fleet telemetry.

You can directly integrate our API into your systems or access GPS data for fleet management through our partner solutions

Our Auto APIs offer several advantages over OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) dongles, primarily due to being a more integrated, sophisticated, and expansive approach to vehicle data collection and management. Unlike OBD dongles, which require physical installation and only access a limited range of vehicle diagnostics data, our platform leverages the vehicle's built-in connectivity capabilities to transmit a wide array of data in real-time. Our Auto API provides a more secure connection to the vehicle's data systems, enhancing data reliability. 

We enable the collection of richer data sets that can be used for advanced analytics, predictive maintenance, and personalised driver experiences.This integrated approach allows for more efficient fleet management, improved vehicle performance monitoring, and enhanced safety features, making our Auto API a more advanced and versatile solution than traditional OBD dongles.

We provide extensive support for developers and fleet managers through our comprehensive documentation, free consultation, and community chat on Slack. Additionally, our platform features a car simulator for testing and development purposes, allowing users to simulate connected car data before launch. This setup is invaluable for developers looking to integrate and experiment with our Auto API, ensuring a smoother and more efficient development process.

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