EV Charging Applications Now Possible

October 17, 2019
For app developers working on charging and route planning services for electric vehicles we have some exciting news: using the Auto API you can now elevate your app with the data points Battery Level and Estimated Range, significant additions to the suite of car data already available from car makers.

How are the data points used?

Independent service providers have access to POI data from charge point operators, roaming platforms or data from smartphones, but for more accurate route planning and converting EV drivers into paying customers, having access to actual vehicle data is key.

These data points are valuable for route planning applications as the data about battery level, state of charge and estimated range can be taken into account. Most modern routing engines use complex variables to calculate the real-time range of electric vehicles. For instance, these engines take into account the outside temperature, weather, charge speed, elevation, rolling resistance, and congestion at charge stations. The routing algorithms then calculate the best route to a user’s destination, highlighting the optimal charge stations in between.

We are looking forward to seeing what you can build using these first EV-focused data points!