Best EV API for Developers

November 24, 2023
Our EV API gives standard access to huge datasets coming in real-time from sensors and embedded systems in connected electric vehicles. This can include battery management system data, drive system telemetry, charging session logs, multimedia bus communication streams, location pings, and data from dozens of other subsystems critical to EV operation.

The data made available by our EV API can provide deep visibility into all facets of electric vehicle function and use. Specific types include technical indicators of battery pack and overall EV health, live state of charge measurements, granular energy consumption profiles, GPS trails mapping driving history, analyses of driver braking/acceleration habits, detailed charge event logs, and many additional data categories.

EV data enables game-changing innovations like providing drivers real-time guidance to maximise driving range, detecting anomalies early to prevent EV failures, optimising charging around renewable energy availability, and even sending power from the EV battery back to the grid.

Access real-time vehicle data - The API allows you to connect with enormous streams of live data directly from a vehicle’s sensors, systems and networks. This includes technical vehicle diagnostics, battery usage stats, efficiency profiles, maintenance signals, location pings and more.

Works across major automotive brands - High Mobility has already integrated with many popular vehicle makes & models, from Teslas to BMWs to Nissans and beyond. 

Handles authentication needs - The platform takes care of securely storing and managing all required digital credentials to access user vehicles, removing this heavy lift for developers. Teams don't have to worry about building their own vaults, tokens, or permissions infrastructure.

Developer-friendly tools & support - On top of APIs, High Mobility provides SDKs along with testing suites, simulator, comprehensive documentation, code snippets, tutorials and dedicated developer support resources. This toolbox simplifies building with EV data.

Complies with regulations - High Mobility is continuously aligned with evolving governmental rules, confirming data transparency and strong cybersecurity controls to protect consumer privacy. Keeping company and customer data clear from any threats is a key priority for High Mobility’s Privacy Division.

Production-scale capabilities - Built to enterprise-grade standards, High Mobility can ingest and process tens of terabytes of streaming telemetry spanning tens of thousands of vehicles for massive automotive fleets. Our  infrastructure never locks you in.

Ongoing innovation - With over-the-air updates adding new sensors and capabilities in modern vehicles, High Mobility continuously expands its API data dictionary, unlocking new intelligence as vehicles evolve, keeping customer solutions future-proof.

Our team is always happy to help you in every step of the integration process, you can get in touch with us here.

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