Digital Insurance Panel — Virtual GENIVI Event

April 28, 2021
The insurance industry is a template for how other non-automotive industries can benefit from vehicle data. High Mobility CEO Kevin Valdek will be speaking as part of a panel discussion titled "How Standard Vehicle Data Benefits the Insurance Industry."

The panel at GENIVI’s Virtual All Member Meeting will explore the impact of vehicle data on the insurance market from the perspectives of an insurance consortium, a large technology company, and a vehicle data marketplace.

Expect to learn how insurance providers work with vehicle data as well as how a vehicle data standard can simplify and accelerate the development and delivery of those new products to the marketplace. Specific insurance-based use cases will be explored.

More about how standard vehicle data benefits the insurance industry

A vehicle data standard can simplify application development and reduce time to market. Here is a bit of information about the event more generally, from GENIVI’s event page:

The Common Vehicle Interface Initiative (CVII) is gaining great momentum from a technical standpoint. Portions of the first two days (4-5 May) will emphasize the potential business value that CVII deliverables offer our members and the industry broadly. You may have heard much about vehicle data monetization, but vehicle data, when coupled with vehicle service definitions, can produce great business value to OEMs and their suppliers, even before third-party applications are considered.

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