An Unseen Use Case For BMW EV Charging

February 24, 2021
Data quality is improving dramatically, across the board.

Charging history from BMW electric vehicles available

Data quality is improving dramatically, across the board. There are more frequent updates, new data points, and we’re even learning about new use cases.

We are seeing these advancements across each of the carmakers we support.
One of the most recent improvements we’ve seen will be a new data point integrated into the upcoming Auto API Level 13: Charging history.  Eligible BMW electric vehicles will be able to provide a charging history which details information about the car’s previous ten charges.

This charging history will include both location and quantity of kilowatt-hours the car received during each charge.

Whenever manufacturers improve their data quality or provide new data points, it is interesting to examine the new use cases which will become possible.

What might be possible if you knew a vehicle’s charging history and the locations where it was charged?

Charging History is especially interesting for corporate fleets which incorporate electric cars. Human resources departments will now be able to monitor company, public, and at-home charging, and reimburse employees accordingly.

Charging-related accounting difficulties have been a barrier for EV adoption at large corporations, and we are excited to support this new use case with our upcoming release of API Level 13.

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