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fleet tracking page is your starting point to technical guides, supported models and brand-specific data availability via High Mobility car data API.
is not yet officially supported by the platform and is part of our future development program. With interest, please contact us for more roadmap-related details.

Citroën Fleet Tracking

Managing a fleet of Citroën vehicles has never been easier with High Mobility's advanced tracking solutions. Our platform offers seamless integration with Citroën’s telematics systems, providing real-time data on vehicle location, usage, and performance. This ensures that fleet managers can maintain complete oversight of their operations, enhancing efficiency and reducing operational costs.

Our API tracks key metrics such as fuel consumption, maintenance schedules, and driver behaviour, enabling proactive management and informed decision-making. By identifying patterns and potential issues before they escalate, fleet managers can minimise downtime and extend the lifespan of their Citroën vehicles.

The integration process is straightforward, allowing you to quickly start benefiting from comprehensive fleet insights. Our user-friendly interface and customisable dashboards provide a tailored experience to meet your specific needs. Whether you are managing a small local fleet or a large-scale operation, our platform scales to fit your requirements, ensuring optimal performance and productivity.

Technical Guides

Our guides contain technical information specific to the brand's connected vehicles, including data plans, supported regions, and eligible vehicles.
Data catalog (Airtable)

Supported models

C3; C3 Aircross; C4/e-C4; C4 Spacetourer; C4 Picasso; C5 Aircross/C5 PHEV; Jumpy/e-Jumpy; Berlingo; Spacetourer/e-Spacetourer; Jumper