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telematics page is your starting point to technical guides, supported models and brand-specific data availability via High Mobility car data API.
is not yet officially supported by the platform and is part of our future development program. With interest, please contact us for more roadmap-related details.

Volkswagen Telematics

The German automaker Volkswagen has partnered with High Mobility to open up access to connected car data from their vehicles. By using the High Mobility platform and APIs, developers can now integrate Volkswagen telematics into their products and services. High Mobility handles the complexity of connecting directly with Volkswagen vehicle data so developers don't have to worry about the underlying integration. They provide Volkswagen-specific SDKs and documentation to make it simple to use Volkswagen telematics in your app development. Whether you're building a smart mobility service, a fleet management solution, or an app for VW owners, High Mobility has the tools to help you easily tap into Volkswagen connected car data.

Technical Guides

Our guides contain technical information specific to the brand's connected vehicles, including data plans, supported regions, and eligible vehicles.
Data catalog (Airtable)

Supported models