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Our guides contain technical information specific to the brand's connected vehicles, including data plans, supported regions, and eligible vehicles.
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Vauxhall Telematics

Using Vauxhall telematics technology, High Mobility works directly with the carmaker to deliver the API solution for Vauxhall fleet telematics companies. Our SDKs provide the tools you need to build a custom program that is tailored for your operations. Using the Vauxhall telematics system, live data can be sent over the air for analysis. Data such as tyre pressures, location history, fuel level and lock status are all useful exercises to manage your Vauxhall fleet telematics. These parameters can be displayed graphically and produce management reports for anything from websites, directors' meetings and cost-saving analyses.

High Mobility’s API receives Vauxhall telematics data over the air using in-built GPS and mobile data networks. Our secure AWS servers host the majority of our business. A platform that can be accessed remotely on a mobile, desktop or browser-based depending on your fleet management requirements.

All our partnered brands work seamlessly with our API. The Vauxhall telematics tracker needs to be secure, as live location data is shared. Conforming to ISO 27001 and GDPR standards, we at High Mobility ensure data handling is secure. We go above and beyond as we follow the new TISAX standard, they work with the German Automotive industry for data protection.

All of this means we are able to offer all our fleet management, vehicle rental and insurance clients one data contract to sign that covers all partnered brands. Leaving you to freely build your desired program to manage your Vauxhall fleet telematics.

Why not reach out to us today by joining our slack community that is full of developers that can answer any questions you may have. Plus, try our in-browser vehicle simulator to see how powerful High Mobility’s API solution can be.

Available Models

Mokka/Mokka-e; Corsa/Corsa-e; Tourer; Crossland X/Crossland; Grandland X/Grandland X PHEV; Combo Life/Cargo; Zafira Life/e-Life; Vivaro Combi/e-Combi; Astra; Insignia