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Our guides contain technical information specific to the brand's connected vehicles, including data plans, supported regions, and eligible vehicles.
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Opel Telematics

High Mobility harnesses Opel telematics technology in our API. Fleet management, rental and insurance companies are utilising this technology to remotely monitor their vehicles. Opel telematics data is sent via GPS and mobile data networks to our secure servers and API solution. From here, vehicle management companies can build a bespoke solution to display the relevant data they need for operating.

Opel telematics trackers send vehicle location data which can be overlaid on mapping software to determine where all their fleet vehicles are. They can accurately receive push notifications if a vehicle is left unlocked, stolen, out of fuel or if it has a puncture using High Mobility’s API solution. Taking data from all the relevant sensors we have a unique partnership with Opel telematics systems to deliver the most secure data to our customers.

At High Mobility, data handling and security are followed to high standards. Working with ISO27001 and GDPR regulations, our customers are safe knowing we process data securely. Working with the German automotive industry, TISAX is a new data handling specification that we work with for that extra protection and peace of mind for our clients.

No matter if we are dealing with an Opel telematics device, or other carmakers, our partnership and API partner of choice, High Mobility is in a unique position to offer just one data contract to cover all suppliers. Leaving you to handle the smallest amount of bureaucracy.

Join our slack community today to ask any questions, or if you fancy signing up to our free car simulation platform, let High Mobility be the Opel fleet telematics API partner of choice when building your vehicle management solution.

Available Models

Mokka/Mokka-e; Corsa/Corsa-e; Tourer; Crossland X/Crossland; Grandland X/Grandland X PHEV; Combo Life/Cargo; Zafira Life/e-Life; Vivaro Combi/e-Combi; Astra; Insignia