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telematics page is your starting point to technical guides, supported models and brand-specific data availability via High Mobility car data API.
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Mercedes-Benz Telematics

Just like ‘Mercedes Me Connect’, High Mobility uses over the air telematics that interacts with High Mobility’s advanced software. Connection to the cloud enables data transfer that is instant for both car owners and mobility services that need up to date information for their fleet.

With advanced car technology incorporating GPS, onboard diagnostics and wireless communication with keys and smart devices, the role of Mercedes-Benz telematics is to gather all of this data to transmit it over the air, in real-time. Through High Mobility APIs, the interaction between Mercedes-Benz telematics systems gives end users vital information. This data can help improve the safety, reliability and efficiency of how your business operates. 

Example use cases include when a vehicle has a window left open, the overlay of weather and location data means a management company can be notified. Eliminating the risk of water ingress and repairs associated with this type of error. Mercedes-Benz telematics devices send this data over the air via GPS and built-in SIM cards to our API. 

Most Mercedes-Benz models are compatible from 2016 onwards. For all powertrains including the latest electric EQ platform, cars that have Mercedes-Benz telematic systems via ‘Mercedes Me Connect’ have the necessary Mercedes-Benz telematics technology.

At High Mobility, we take data handling very seriously. Our partnership and conformance with TISAX ensure data handling is processed securely. With this, we follow ISO 27001 and GDPR standards for complete peace of mind when handling Mercedes-Benz telematics data.

Why not sign up to run a free simulation on our browser-based platform. Choose High Mobility to harness your Mercedes-Benz telematics tracker to work seamlessly with our API today!

Technical Guides

Our guides contain technical information specific to the brand's connected vehicles, including data plans, supported regions, and eligible vehicles.
Data catalog (Airtable)

Supported models

A-Class (from 2016); B-Class (from 2016); C-Class (from 2016); CLA Shooting Brake (from 2016); CLA Coupe (from 2018); CLS Coupe (from 2016); CLS Shooting Brake (from 2016); E-Class Saloon (from 2015); E-Class Long Wheelbase (from 2016); E-Class Estate (from 2016); E-Class Coupe (from 2017); E-Class Cabriolet (from 2017); G-Class (from 2016); GLA (from 2016); GLC (from 2016); GLC Coupe (from 2016); GLC F-Cell (from 2018); GLE (from 2016); GLS (from 2016); S-Class (from 2016); SL (from 2016); SLC (from 2016); AMG GT (from 2017); V-Class (from 2016); X-Class (from 2017)