mobilityOS is the new operating system for IOT and Auto


The Missing Building Block

Our mission is to accelerate the move towards cars as a platform for secure proximity based applications that enable people to do more with less. 


 mobilityOS is specifically designed to enable such lightweight applications in the proximity of cars, while giving special attention to user's privacy and security. It is an IOT platform built from carmaker's perspective.


Designed Around People

Security and data integrity are naturally important. But to stay ahead, so is frictionless user experience. Most connected car solutions focus on data and back-end architecture. We believe users, and their natural movement, are the starting point and key to extracting value out of future man machine interaction.


Developers can use proximity events around the vehicle to create new user experiences. Proprietary algorithms in the sensing engine autonomously gather data about the movement and identity of nearby devices, providing situational awareness. Our offering to automotive OEMs and mobility providers includes complete toolkit  to implement such a gateway.


Developed Intelligently

We know what we are talking about. Over the years our team has had the opportunity to be guided by some of the top carmakers in the world. Building on this expertise, we create quality software and make sure it actually works in cars and personal devices. 



The core technology includes software libraries for Auto, smart homes and more. The sensing engine is carefully crafted new framework that places Auto in the centre of local connectivity, able to initiate the process of locating and authenticating nearby wearable devices.