HIGH MOBILITY has built the secure offline link between IoT and Auto.


Device Sensing Software for Auto

We remove the barriers between the man and machine. HIGH MOBILITY has created the world’s first IOT platform designed to make moving low-powered devices securely visible to connected cars offline. 


Designed Around People

Security and privacy are important. But so is frictionless user experience. Most connected car solutions focus on data and back-end architecture. We think users, and their natural movement, are the starting point.


We have created the 'offline glue' that enables direct connections between low-powered devices and Auto. Built on Bluetooth Low Energy standards, it incorporates Public Key Infrastructure and special authentication methods to keep bad actors away. The solution is scalable, distributed and cost efficient.


Developed Intelligently

We know what we are talking about. Over the years our team has had the opportunity to be guided by some of the top carmakers in the world. Building on this expertise, we create quality software and make sure it actually works in cars and personal devices. 




Majestic Sensing™

Software libraries for chipsets used in connected cars, smart homes and more. Majestic Sensing is a carefully crafted framework that turns the car into a centre for Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity, enabling it to initiate the process of locating and authenticating wearable devices in its physical space from one single unit.