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Data monetisation

Neutral Server

Neutral Server

We are your platform extension.

As a neutral server, we are a financially and operationally independent intermediary on top of the Extended Vehicle Standard to enable data access to third-parties.
Plug-and-play technology.
Already adopted by many major carmakers in Europe the Neutral Server model allows to provide additional offers to third-parties that prefer to stay anonymous to carmakers.
Security you can trust.
Our team of experts will create a data adapter for your vehicle APIs. Additionally, we provide state-of-art security and a standardised consent flow to drivers.
Development tools

Car simulator as a service.

Emulator screen
Car Simulator

Speed up the development of your next-level telematics applications with in-browser car simulators that mimic your production APIs.

  • Light-weight setup
  • Hosted by High Mobility
  • API insights
Future operating systems

Android Automotive OS

Proof of concept

Direct interaction. Zero latency.

We have a working concept enabling your vehicles to efficiently and securely stream data to mobility products.
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Data revenue multiplier,
innovation partner.

We enable the modern way to build vehicle-centred services. We are building the ecosystem together with progressive vehicle manufacturers.

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