Founded in 2013, HIGH MOBILITY is a connected car technology startup whose products and services simplify collaboration between carmakers and software developers.


We believe that automakers should be able to activate a new experience, from a new developer, in less than 3 weeks. 


With offices in Berlin and Tallinn we have battle scars to show from the times we designed cars in-house at premium carmakers, as well as developed some of the first telematics mobile applications for the automotive industry as contractors. To prove our claim made above, we have infused our lessons learned into our platform that is rolled out to select carmakers and partners.




 /  CEO, co-founder  /  LinkedIn

Risto is a mechanical engineer turned design entrepreneur. Always fascinated by the complexity and strong emotion that the automobile evokes, he gained experience in the automotive industry with design work that has been featured in CES with BMW, IAA with Volvo Cars and with design concepts that have made their way into the interior of new Volvo production models.


/  CTO, co-founder  /  LinkedIn

Kevin is on the forefront of new IOT technologies and has been deep in the back-channels of the connected car in telematics projects with Jaguar Land Rover and Fiat. With background in distributed systems, Kevin is able to design system architectures as well as lead highly skilled software development teams.